New EP in the Works - The Reset EP

Richard Cole is hard at work on a new EP. The upcoming EP titled The Reset EP will again be released on the Amari Communications label and will debut on streaming platforms, while a physical CD will be available to Patreon supporters first before seeing wider release. “I'm still working on a viable distribution model for the physical media. That is why Funky Poetic Bootlegs is late on the CD front”. Says Richard from “The Lair” where the music and podcasts are recorded.


The Reset EP was originally released in 2015 and was a 4 song EP featuring tracks originally intended for Funky Poetic Bootlegs. This version will feature new never before released tracks and will mostly continue the lo fi 4 track cassette format as Funky Poetic Bootlegs.

 “I was working on a non cassette album that I started writing over the summer and started recording in August. The intention was to have it finished in time for November and a single out in October. There were so many distractions that pushed the focus off. Things like all the breaking news for the podcast episodes. So during the down time, I was also transferring all the Chaotic Beat  material to digital. there's also some solo stuff of mine that I discovered that I think expands on the Funky Poetic theme. I also found a copy of the original backing tracks of Save Yourself, but I haven't decided what to do with it yet. So far that might make it on to the EP, but as a whole new song.”

As of this writing, the plan is to have The Reset EP take the November release slot originally slated for the studio album titled Parallel Echoes. 


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